All of us have been a bit on the fear side and I have been getting emails and texts about what to do if the Corona Viruses comes our way.

First: I want to say DON'T PANIC. Educate yourselves ( I put links from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention on here for you right above this paragraph)

Second: Make sure to implement non pharmaceutical interventions such as washing hands with soap and water, stay home if you are sick, avoid crowded places if you are feeling under stress or under the weather, use tissues, cough on your elbow not your hands, wear an appropriate mask, clean surfaces such as knobs and counters (for more specifics on NPI's see the first link above)

Third: Keep your immune system strong. Eat healthy, sleep well, keep stress low, get acupuncture, get cupping, take immune boost herbs, vitamins, supplements and diffuse antibacterial and antiviral essential oils like oregano with a protector blend.

Stock up on elderberry and zinc lozenges, Manuka honey with a high UMF 15+, and meal prep chicken bone broth soups with lots of garlic, ginger, and the usuals carrots, celery and onions, add cilantro or any herbs and spices you love.

In my dispensary under Immune Boost I have put some of the must haves, such as AD Pro by apex energetics, Mushroom Synergy by Natura :

and on amazon you can get my favorite Vitamin C on this link :

Hope this helps, call me with questions and stay proactive and informed!

with Love and Gratitude,


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COVID-19 alert

Due to current events and for the protection of our staff and patients we will be booking a bit differently (screening forms will pop up via online booking). In order to be open for business we are required to have you to wear a mask and wash your hands upon entering the office. The waiting area is marked  6 ft apart. We have Hepa and UV air purifiers in each room, and can open windows for airflow if you prefer that. Thank you for your understanding. We are excited to see you soon! For current covid-19 information click this link Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.