Andrea Allerton L.A.c

Andrea Allerton is a Licensed Acupuncturist with experience in the Healing Arts since 1997. As an acupuncturist, Andrea founded Modus Acupuncture in 2010 when she combined her holistic massage practice with her Acupuncture practice. Andrea did her internship at UCLA’s Ashe Center and traveled to China in 2008 to study at the 2nd Affiliated Acupuncture Hospital in Nanjing. She started her career in the Healing Arts in 1997 as a Licensed Massage Therapist at Hippocrates Health Inst. in West Palm Beach Florida. There Andrea had the opportunity to work with many individuals who were battling cancer or rare ailments who sought Holistic medicine because conventional medicine alone was not able to help. After witnessing recovery and healing in those individuals who had changed their diet, lifestyle, mind, and spirit, Andrea couldn’t deny what she had seen and wanted to further her studies to continue to help many who were not responding well to conventional medicine alone. 


Andrea believes both medicines conventional and alternative/holistic are needed because they each have a role to play. She continues to work with patients who are practicing both forms of medicine for optimal results as well as with individuals who seek alternative/holistic healing solely. As a woman who has dealt with ailments and obstacles herself, she has had and continues to have first hand experience with holistic medicine. Andrea has been a part of a medical team locally for sports events, and different outreach programs. Andrea and her husband of many years (married in 1997) enjoy helping others and their community. As new parents, their newest endeavor is their beloved son!


Who She Sees Today:

Woman who work hard and play hard, while trying to create a family and enter motherhood, as well as those who want to balance their hormones while  transforming from the mother to the wise archetype, those who seek balance in their heart, mind and souls, and let’s not forget the fellas whom she works with who too work hard and play hard. An equal amount of yin and yang.


Her Philosophy:

  • Treatment emphasis  is to encourage patients to help themselves with focus on the body, mind, and spirit as a network

  •  To meet each individual where they are in their process and to walk alongside them towards solutions, healing, and recovery.

Manabu Kuzu graduated from Japan Shiatsu College (Tokyo, Japan) in 2007 where he completed 2,200 hours of shiatsu acupressure training for three years and did an intensive human anatomy workshop at the University of Hawaii Medical school (Manoa). While in Japan he worked with a Chiropractor- Podiatrist where he made custom foot insoles for Superfeet. He has extensive clinical experience with all foot related issues. He also worked as Shiatsu therapist in Tokyo, before moving to the US to further his education. He studied Oriental medicine and graduated from Kingston Acupuncture school in LA with a master’s degree. Now he combines shiatsu, acupuncture& herbal medicine to customize treatments depending on patient’s conditions. Here at Modus, Kuzu does all of our orthopedic assessments, foot evaluations and kinesio taping. He focuses on pain management,  sports injuries, and foot related issues.

Manabu Kuzu L.A.c, CMT  

Thais Alves CMT  

Thais Alves a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and a member of the ABMP Massage Association. As an honors graduate from the National Holistic Institute with their advanced training certification in Neuromuscular Therapy. 

Thais Alves is also a passionate practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies. After receiving her certification from the Bach After studying and seeing positive results in healing from a holistic point of view, it finally gave her the perception of human beings as a whole and became the basis of her understanding of physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual aspects of the client considering their surroundings,

of alternative medicine as a viable career and profession, she was determined to follow her heart and what she believed would be best for the well-being of her future clients.
workand social environments. She would then rely on Dr. Bach’s philosophies and floral remedies as one of the tools to identify possible causes and treat her clients, bringing them back to a balanced emotional state. An important part of her holistic treatment philosophy is prevention. She believes we should focus our efforts on maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle in order to prevent the sickness.

She is excited to work as a team member of Modus Acupuncture where she can share her passion with a larger audience and further her development as a Bach practitioner and Neuromuscular Therapist.i
nstituteShe attended The University of Santa Catarina (UNISUL), the only institution at that time that offered a degree in a holistic health/alternative medicine. Despite

Her first exposure to Bach remedies was at the young age of 8 years old, in Brazil, as a treatment for a muscle-control condition. Having had positive results as a child, she again sought out Bach remedies to help her cope with family and school-related stress as a young adult. Her positive results turned into a passion for understanding and wanting to work with these remedies that helped her so much. 

in 2005, she has continued her studies in her own time, working with several clients whose positive results from her therapies have motivated her to take her practice to the next level. theun

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